Portable audio systems are market bestsellers because of their versatility and convenience. But buying the right model can be a tough task given the variety of choices that you are likely to get as a consumer. However, the good news is that you can buy them paying Bitcoins. Attractive deals will come your way if you sign up for immediate bitcoin test and other similar software tests. Here are some of the trending portable audio systems that are selling like hot cakes in European countries:

  1. BOSS “Tube” Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This device can do wonders for your wireless world because it allows you to share your favorite music through its easy-pairing feature and even connect to multiple music apps. The TUBE enjoys high ratings for being weatherproof so that you can use it outdoors at all time without any fear of its getting wet or damaged in the rain. The system has a blue illumination that adds to its cool quotient and there are easy-to-use controls for playing, pausing, volume, etc. you can even receive calls on the speakers and speak to people through its built-in mic.
  2. Brookstone Big Blue Go High Power Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Portable Audio System comes with a robust 60 watt speaker that can guarantee surround sound no matter how big the room is. So, you can easily start a party almost anywhere with this high-resolution audio system with dual 138mm subwoofers that offer deep bass and distortion-free sounds at any volume. You can link the speakers through a button and enjoy superior stereo experience. The device has a built-in Bluetooth technology that can offer hassle-free connectivity without draining the device of its battery. For the perfect club atmosphere, this audio system has an LED lighting system with four different light modes; colors can even be made to sync with the beats. There is an inbuilt microphone in case you wish to have an impromptu karaoke session.
  3. SHIDU Personal Voice Amplifier: This device has chargeable PA system and Bluetooth speakers with a microphone headset. You may use a wired mic or built-in microphone for recording purposes. This voice amplifier is compact and lightweight, portable, and can be conveniently worn on the body, whether tucked below the waist or around the neck. Being rechargeable and running on 2000mAh battery, this system can be used for a stretch of 12 hours on mic mode and 8-10 hours on a musical mode. The wired headset mic can be conveniently placed near your mouth. It is comfortable and lightweight and will stay in position without hurting your head.
  4. Judiferty Portable Voice Amplifier comes with a waistband and a wired microphone that guarantees loud and clear sounds. There is no background noise and you can cover almost 10,000 square feet of area. The device is lightweight and easy-to-carry around, with a user-friendly shape. It has back clips that make it easy to attach it to your pocket or belt, or you can even hang it on your waist. It offers 6 modes allowing you to use it for recording information, as voice amplifier, playing music using Bluetooth, listening to radio, etc. IT is powered by a 2200mAh lithium battery that can function up to 8 hours; it only needs 3-5 hours for charging.
  5. SiriusXM SXSD2 is a portable speaker and dock audio system that can be played instantly. You simply need to carry your favorite programs and this device inside a fold up handle with built-in antenna and then plug this into any AC outlet. You can listen to the audio system anywhere with batteries. It is possible to connect other audio devices to it with an auxiliary jack. The SiriusXM offers superior sound quality through its separate tweeters, powerful subwoofer, and mid-range speakers.